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2 courts featuring customizable 4 and 3 lane set ups with 15 and 8 metre runs ups respectively. 1200 Lux lighting makes you feel like you are outside on a summer's day.


We recognize that the game is becoming more and more modern. and at YoungGun we certainly aren't going to be left behind as we have implemented some incredible state of the art technology to give every cricketer another leg up on the competition.


Cricket is now a game played by athletes, we recognize that and ensure we provide a facility which allows players to develop the physical side of their game. Featuring lifting areas, warm up materials, stationary bikes, kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands; the YoungGun Gym has everything you need.


Imagine live feeds of what is going on below you as well as all the live sport you can handle. Add in a cafe and a bar. Then just incase you are stuck for things to do throw in a fully interactive arcade game experience. That's what you get in the YoungGun Spectator Retreat. It makes it an experience for you too. (Images coming soon)