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Did you know there are 3 distinct and separate Cricket Seasons?


Most people believe cricket season runs from Early October to Late March and pre-season starts in August. Maybe July, if you are lucky enough to play Premier cricket.


So traditionally we give ourselves 6 weeks to prepare for a season that lasts 6 months? And by 6 weeks we mean about 30 hours if you train twice a week and play a practice match…


Doesn’t seem right, does it? Also, doesn’t seem like it would be enough to truly prepare you for a 6 month season?


It’s old school thinking… Like moving your foot first and putting it to the pitch of the ball…


It is also outdated and a result of a time long before players were professional, a time when cricketers didn’t have gym or S&C programmes and weren’t athletes, it was before cricket was played in 3 formats and it was also before Franchise T20 cricket was played domestically and internationally 12 months a year.


YoungGun Cricket is renowned and respected for its innovative approach to the modern game and we very rarely (if ever) do things just because that’s how they have always been done.


We started to look at the theory of cricket training/coaching and how it related to playing. We also had over 50 years of combined cricket experience as players, coaches and high performance management to draw on and we believe there is a BETTER way.


We discovered there are 3 distinct and very different cricket seasons.


  • In-Season (October – April)

  • Off-Season (April – June)

  • Pre-Season (July – September)


In each season or training phase, there are specific processes and outcomes that relate directly to player preparation.


We identified key areas and how best to deliver skill acquisition, coaching delivery, cognitive exploration, physical conditioning and maintenance, technical awareness, game sense knowledge to provide what we believe is the best cricket education and player development programmes in the world.


The official pre-season starts at YoungGun on Monday 12th July and we have custom designed Academy and personal coaching programmes that give every player the best opportunity to prepare for Season 21/22 and make it their most successful yet. Spots are LIMITED - so book your place now! 


With the exception of Under 12's. Term 3 we move from Age based academies to Skill based. (Under 12's will still have their own academy.)


Simply select the academy that best suits you and register either as a new player or a returning player from term 2.


Click the appropriate Link below, create a profile and register. Payment is also taken on the page, or contact us to arrange Zip Pay

If you have any further enquires please email coaching@youngguncricket.com.au or call 1300 968 644

Suitable for Boys and Girls Under 12

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Suitable for Boys and Girls Ages Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 Inclusive.

Suitable for Boys and Girls Ages Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 Inclusive.

Suitable for Boys and Girls Ages Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 Inclusive.